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How Many Lessons Does It Take To Pass My Test?

This is a common question I got asked when I qualified as a driving instructor over 18 years ago. I was surprised at the varied number of hours required for someone with good driving skills to reach test standard, and for those who did not already possess these skills. I have taught many pupils to pass their test in 15-20 hours, whereas others of a similar age have taken 50. The pupils who will take the fewest hours will be confident and have good co-ordination skills. Those who do not possess these skills may be of a nervous nature, and find it difficult doing sequences that involve multitasking, and therefore will take longer to reach test standard.

The last year has been particularly difficult due to COVID-19. Saying there has been a lot of disruption would be an understatement, with many test cancellations. Only 6 tests took place for my pupils in 2020, but 5 of these passed first time, making the first-time pass rate for the year 83%.

Also in the equation for the average number of hours to pass your driving test are two other types of pupil who may take longer to pass the driving test. One is that some suffer from learning difficulties, most commonly dyslexia, and in turn may suffer from dyspraxia, which may cause problems with coordination and processing information. The other type of pupil is those who learn to drive at a much more mature age.

So what is the average number of hours required to pass your test? In 2009 when the D.S.A. was updating the driving test, they commissioned two independent surveys to study this. One came to a figure of 50 hours and the other came to 67 hours.

In updating the driving test, the D.S.A. did recommend that everyone does a minimum of 50 hours of driving, but this was not implemented.

Driving Test Pass

Ella Vancanl failed her driving test 3 times with another driving instructor because they allowed her to take the test too early. 3 years later with very little confidence behind the wheel she came to Peter, then after enough driving lessons, she passed first time with no minor faults.

I have had several pupils over the past two years taking longer than the average like Yvonne who had 75 hours. Last year I had a young man from SCAT who had 50 hours from another driving instructor and had another 60 hours of tuition from myself totalling 110 hours and he passed second time. Just recently in Feb 2016, Becky Smith of Cotford St. Luke passed her test first time. Becky had 85 hours of tuition.

The common problem I have had over recent years is that some of my pupils who have taken longer to learn to drive have been put under pressure from their parents, partners and friends, saying they only took 10 - 15 hours to pass their driving test which does not help their confidence, and can in fact hinder their progress. More UNDERSTANDING is required.

On the opposite side of the coin, I did three intense courses in 2014. All three pupils had 30 hours of tuition and all passed first time, however, intensive courses do not suit everyone.

If you get a driving instructor who tells you on the phone that he can teach you in 20 hours, he or she will not be telling the truth. They are just trying to get business. You cannot advise anyone the number of hours they require to pass their test until you have given them a few lessons, as this enables the instructor to judge your ability. Don’t be fooled!

Pensioner Has Taunton Driving Lessons

It took Yvonne 75 hours to pass her test along with some lessons with her husband

Yvonne's Behind the Wheel At Last

This pensioner's steering in the right direction

Yvonne Bedford of Bovet Street, Wellington, has overcome a later obstacle in her life by passing her driving test.

The 61-year-old passed at the second time of asking last month. Taking huge pressure off her shoulders

“I didn't think she was going to accomplish it,” she told the Country Gazette.

“It's good that my driving instructor, Peter Chambers, was patient with me.”

The mother-of-four revealed that she tried to learn to drive when she was 27, but time and money commitments cut her lessons short.

She said: “I feel so free being able to drive.”

Peter said it's a great achievement for Yvonne at her age.

He said: “There was a lot of pressure on her to pass.

“To try and pass a test at 21 is bad enough as it is, but it's a lot more difficult at her age.

“She failed her first test, but when she passed she only got two minors, which is fantastic.

“It shows how a good a driver she is”.

Yvonne drives her husband's car, but says she plans to get her own as soon as possible.

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